Bard Candy Fishing Store

We cater to the more advanced angler when standard off the shelf fishing tackle and terminal can no longer meet their angling expectations. We come in when an angler wants to advance their fishing experiences but are in lack of local resources to do so.

Our fishing tackle is technically high quality meant to provide the extra edge in saltwater or freshwater fishing setting. Having said that using our gear or creating with our material requires a fishing setting understanding. This means we believe that the angler knows what their target fish is and what kind of sport fishing they are seeking for.

We are professionals and experienced in slow pitch jigging for saltwater fishing. This is an excellent technique targeting fish such as snappers, cobia, halibut, tuna and plenty other strong fighting table and game saltwater fish.

Bard Candy fishing store is an online fishing tackle store, supplier and re-seller focusing on providing good quality fishing tackle and terminal.



Good Reputation

Bard Candy keeps being dedicated to quality and service since day one when it was founded.

Competitive Price

We will always provide quality and affordable fishing products based on customers’ need.

Professional customer service

Our customer service is always on-hand to answer your questions by Email or Phone call.

High End and Precise Technics

We attaches great importance to our fishing products development, including the material and designs.

Listed of top rated brand over the world